Sunday, October 24, 2010

Maze - Golden Time of Day

SONG: Golden Time of Day

WRITTEN BY: Frankie Beverly


APPEARS ON: “Golden Time of Day” (1978)

Every now and then in the evening I like to go stand outside when the sky is clear and the humidity isn’t so bad to watch the sun go down. The evening is the transition between all of the pressures of the day you just had and the preparation for the next day ahead. It’s where you take a few minutes to reflect. I’m always over thinking everything anyway so I really don’t need any inspiration but there are a few moments where looking up at the sunlight sends me drifting. If it’s a really good day in New Orleans I might drive to the lakefront or the river to sit around and watch the water. I like going sit on the lake to smoke a cigar and think. In the evening the sun is setting on the west and it gets that bright orange look and makes the water shine.

The neighborhood and the rough environment of the city isn’t that far away but for some reason being in that spot helps you escape for a few minutes. Even if the day doesn’t allow itself for a trip to the water a few minutes of sitting on your porch or your front steps will do the trick. We’re looking for that space that says everything is going to be okay. The bills are going to get paid. The family is going to be alright. I’m going to be happy.

After the Saints game today I drove to the store and Golden Time of Day by Maze came on the radio. The song was recorded in 1978 and appears on the album of the same name. I have introduced this blog to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly before. I hate to go back to one of their songs so soon but I’m from New Orleans and they are a big part of my community’s personality. A lot of their songs are like song tracks to our lives. They recorded a live album here in 1980 and their popularity has been based down from one generation to the next. When the song came on I wanted to keep on riding for awhile, enjoy the fresh air and see what was going on around the city. The lyrics of the song are a perfect description of how you feel during moments like that. I just wanted to give the song some love with a blog post. I and my friend were supposed to be working a blog project that would list our life soundtracks. We haven’t done it yet but I am sure we will. This song may be on mind for all the days I tried to get away form it all even if it was just for a few minutes.

There's a time of the day when the sun is going down
That's the golden time of day
It's a time that the sun turns a gold all around
That's the golden time of day

At the end of the day when the wind is soft and warm
Don't it make the flowers sway
When the sun settles down and it takes a lovley form
That's the golden time of day

People let me tell you
There's a time in your life when you find who you are
That's the golden time of day
In you mind you will find your a bright shining star
Ooh that's the golden time of day

When you feel deep inside all the love your lookin for
Don't it make you feel ok
Like the time of the day when the sun is going down
That's the golden time of day
That's the golden time of day
That's the golden time of day

Shining can't you see it shining ooh ooh ooh ooh
Shining can't you see it shining ooh ooh ooh ooh

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  1. What a wonderful post. What Maze calls "the golden time of day," folk singer Greg Brown calls "a two-bourbon twilight." Both are singing about the same thing: "when you feel deep inside."

    Reading this made me feel as I were sitting next to you, reflecting. It reminded me of so much: Of the time I walked around a corner and nearly bumped into a gentlemen standing on the curb, cigar in hand, taking in the sunset -- the picture of contentment. Hiking up to a ridge with some friends to watch the sunset, then scrambling down in the dark. Or when I was growing up, watching massive purple pink sunsets close out a South Texas day, as if in apology for the miserable humidity of the afternoon.

    Thanks for bringing all that back!